Bitcoin celebrates 15 years with a turnaround in the price of green BTC according to U.Today

© Reuters Bitcoin celebrates 15 years with a turnaround in the price of green BTC

U.Today – In a momentous celebration for the crypto community, , the pioneer of digital assets, celebrates its 15th birthday today with a striking green turn on its price chart. The historical significance of January 3 lies in the mining of China’s first block, known as the “genesis block”, a milestone that reshaped the landscape of digital assets and financial markets.

Fifteen years ago, he mined the inaugural block on the Bitcoin blockchain and earned a reward of 50 . Within that block was a message that resonates to this day: “The Chancellor on the verge of a second bailout for the banks.”

What the world didn’t know was that this event would lay the foundation for a cryptocurrency market now worth trillions, with Bitcoin alone holding an impressive $888 billion.

Bitcoin’s 15th birthday lights up green

As Bitcoin turns 15, the cryptocurrency not only remembers its journey but also makes headlines with a notable 0.9% increase in its price since the start of the trading session.

Source: Currently trading at $45,340, a level not seen since April 2022, Bitcoin’s festive green candles on the price chart signify a bullish storm, in stark contrast to the downtrend of the past.

The cryptocurrency market is abuzz as Bitcoin dominance reaches levels not seen since April 2021, standing at an impressive 52.42%. Symbolically aligning with its 15th birthday, Bitcoin awaits a crucial decision on the , which will be announced in a week.

The unexpected turn of events has major hedge fund giants like BlackRock (NYSE 🙂 vying to launch their ETFs on the leading cryptocurrency, a development that few could have foreseen in the early days of 2009 or even 2022.

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