Amazing Satoshi Facts Revealed About Guy Who Bought Pizza for 10,000 BTC by U.Today

U.Today, Platform his collaboration with the mysterious legend. figure of Satoshi Nakamoto, while the latter was busy creating BTC.

Hanyecz wasn't just a random IT developer who decided to use Bitcoin to buy a pizza. He was a member of Satoshi's OG developer team and left his mark on Bitcoin mining.

Hanyecz discusses Bitcoin ideas with Satoshi

Fourteen years ago, Mac developer Laszlo Hanyecz was based in Jacksonville, Florida. When he came across Bitcoin a year after its launch in 2010, BTC only ran on Windows, so Hanyecz decided to transition to MacOS. He did this by translating the Bitcoin code and adapting it to run on the Mac. He wrote the new version of the code on his iBook G4.

Hanyecz then became one of Satoshi Nakamoto's most trusted collaborators. The aforementioned thread contained a screenshot of the BitcoinTalk forum, where Nakamoto and Laszlo were discussing what makes Bitcoin valuable and the mechanics of how its transactions work. They also exchanged ideas and plans for the future design of Bitcoin and its scalability.

The “Bitcoin pizza buyer” did not always agree with what Satoshi suggested on the forum, rejecting his ideas; One of the screenshots from the thread shows “Laszlo rejecting those who no longer believed the network could scale.”

Hanyecz starts mining with GPU

Laszlo was one of the first five developers who helped Satoshi improve Bitcoin. He was also one of the first developers to start mining Bitcoin. He was the first person to mine BTC with GPU. He had a powerful gaming computer and with it gave a huge boost to Bitcoin's hash power. His computer allowed the man to earn 35,000 BTC during the first two months after the start of mining. Then, he quickly earned 80,000 Bitcoins from mining.

On May 18, 2010, he posted an ad saying he would be happy to buy two large pizzas and pay for them in Bitcoin, writing his name into Bitcoin pop culture history.

This article was originally published on U.Today.

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